Thursday, July 19, 2007

Online now

ccc / ill chemist - CRACKED PEPPER

Myself and ill chemist have been working on this for...well...too long - but, at last, it is finished.

Due to the nature of the beast it will appear in different guises quite often, so, for now, try some of the options below. These will be amended as and when the need arises.

If you can mirror the site, please email me at ccc dot chrischrischris at gmail dot com

All tracks are 320kbps.

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01 cracked pepper

02 with a little glam

03 lucy at the river

04 the word is good

05 kelly watch the hole

06 she's slipping

07 love kite

08 it's far too late

09 hawaii 64

10 struttin' rita

11 good pressure

12 cracked pepper (reprise)

13 a sky blue rhapsody

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The elements used in all the tracks are here

* The entire album was broadcast on New York station WFMU on Monday 30th July, by Irwin Chusid.
Full playlist and mp3s here *